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Artist's Resume - 2

JoAnne Duby

Major Commissioned Sculptures:

Emerald Tree Boa - California verde marble, private collection.

Benches - In collaboration with Paul Lindhard and Paul Jordan - New Mexico Travertine - Mission Bell Plaza, Moorpark, California.

Giant Acorn - New Mexico Travertine, private collection.

Leaping Trout Fountain - Onyx, private collection.

Three Tables - (telephone end and coffee tables) New Mexico Travertine,
private collection.

Tooth - Black belgian marble with bronze, private collection.

Whale's Tail Bench - Enlargement for Bud Bottoms, bronze, City of Santa Barbara, Sana Barbara, California.

Sea Lion - Enlargement for Bud Bottoms, life-size, bronze, Ventura Historical Museum, Ventura, California.

Mother and Baby Dolphin - Enlargement for Bud Bottoms, eight foot bronze, Santa Barbara Courtyard, Santa Barbara, California.

First Family - Enlargement for Malcolm Alexander, eighteen foot bronze of Eskimo.

Man,Woman, Child, Baby and Two Huskies - City of Fairbanks, Alaska.
Tres Cabillos - In collaboration with Todd Andrews, life-size bonded-bronze,
Fredericos, Buellton, California.

Jimmy Stewart - Enlargementf for Malcolm Alexander, eight foot bronze likeness of Jimmy Stewart for his hometown, Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Friendship Fountain - In collaboration with Bud Bottoms, life-size Dolphins in bronze, on the pier, Santa Barbara, California. His sculpture is now the logo for the City of Santa Barbara.

Bullfight Scene - in collaboration with Todd Andrews, winner of the Golden Key Award, Larger than life-size Bull and Matador on rearing horse, Holiday lnn, Solvang, California.

Whirls of Stong - in collaboration with Paul Lindhard, eight foot Travertine,
private collection, Palm Desert, California.

On the Wing - Seven foot Goose, Yule marble and granite, private collection, Palm Desert, California.

Blood Moon over Coast - Six foot Canadian marble and Minnesota pipestone, private collection, Ventura, California.

Silver Water Fountains - Canadian marble, commissioned for Ellis Jump, Ventura, California.

Onyx Spheres Light Sculpture - in collaboration with Roger Stoller, onyx, private collection.


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